Gyöngyi Kántor Dr

SáGa Foods ZRT. HR manager

    I am looking for solution to support our top management team to reach the business goals of our organisation. My goal is to create added values that helps our organisation to outperform our competitors.

    I believe in partnership, that relies on cooperation of equal parties.

    May key words are: professionak knowledge, high quality services, decisions based on facts and respects of human nature, development,  growing co-workers, ethics, trust, trustworthiness, dialogue, attention.

    As a hobby I support those, who are interested to maek a carrier in the territory of HR. By sharing my experiences I want to broaden their knowledge and strenghten their involvement to HR.

    I graduated at the University of Pécs. In 2015 I got my PhD from applied Language Science, and continued my studies at the University of Corvinus as HR business partner in 2018.